"Horses Healing Hearts is a wonderful program what has made a substantial difference in my life. Working with the horses, Dr. Rhines, and the group has led me on the path to better understand my true self and was often my place of solace,  I truly believe HHH can help many more kids, affecting their life in a deeply positive manner - the same way it has my own"

                    ~ participant, age 17

a  heart-centered  journey  to  self

through  equine-guided  psychotherapy

Teen Groups!

The teenage years are hard. Horses Healing Hearts wants to make them easier with teen-specific programs designed to help increase confidence, assert boundaries, build self-esteem, accept your unique self, and learn how to be a healthier, happier person. All teens welcome! A judgement free time and space to feel comfortable learning, sharing, crying, laughing, supporting each other, making friends, tearing down walls and building each other up - through the power of horses.

Teen Groups are on-going most Saturday mornings. 

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   Horses Healing Hearts

Group Sessions are booking soon!

Please contact me for information about dates

and times. Adult private sessions are also available.


Most insurance plans will help cover the cost of the sessions!

Past Events

Next TEEN GROUP session is Saturday April 18 !

  More detail will be posted soon...!

Horses Healing Hearts Programs


Sessions are held at the following location:

                                Dreamcatcher Farm

                                    Dreamcatcher Farm is a small farm in central Connecticut,  focused on teaching about

                                    horses and riding in a relaxed, non-competitive manner. The peaceful setting and 

                                    calm horses are perfect for connecting to your inner self on an emotional

                                    and soulful level.   (link:www.DreamcatcherFarmCT.com)


Equine-guided Psychotherapy (EP) programs are designed with specific goals and activities to support those goals.

EP involves individual sessions, weekly group sessions, or couples/family therapy.  Sessions are held frequently throughout the year; please contact Dr. Rhines to arrange a day and time that fits your schedule.

No previous experience with horses is necessary and there is typically no riding involved; all activities are done from the ground.  All sessions are conducted with safety in mind and staffed by expert facilitators. The only requirement is to have an open mind.  Everyone is welcome!