Dr. Laurie Rhines and the Horses Healing Hearts program will help you find the courage and confidence to take off your mask and find your happy, heart-based you!

    Who benefits from Equine-guided Psychotherapy?

    ANYONE!  This specialized type of therapy helps you connect to your inner self through the pure soul of the horse.  The sessions bring the qualities of the horse - Power, Strength, Confidence, Beauty - and opens the same qualities inside you, bringing them to the surface.  Anyone can benefit from Equine-guided Therapy;   

        anyone who wants to open their mind and their heart,

              if you question your life's purpose,

                    if you feel stuck in a dead-end job/relationship/situation

                         if you have trouble finding peace, joy, and fun in life,

                              if negative thoughts are holding you back from your goals,

                                   if fear consumes your daily life.

    Most Insurance plans are accepted.

    No experience with horses is necessary, and there is no riding involved with this type of therapy

    You will always be supervised by expert facilitators.

    "your heart knows the answer

    your mind has been

    searching for..."

    Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) is a dynamic treatment program for troubled high-risk children and adolescents located at Dreamcatcher Farm in Higganum, CT.  HHH provides a physically and emotionally safe healing environment for kids who attend weekly individual sessions or 8 week group sessions. 

    Family Therapy is also available.

    Those who attend HHH are often deeply troubled by a past trauma, physical or emotional abuse, and have low self-esteem.  Many teens who benefit from this program have previously shown self-harming behaviors and are at risk for addiction, pregnancy, truancy, and may be a threat to others. They are often clinically depressed, very anxious, or defiant at home and/or school. Some adolescents involved in HHH are currently hospitalized or involved in psychiatric programs.  

    Our horses embrace each child, providing a welcoming healing space for difficult feelings to emerge.  The horses are kind, very safe and gentle.  They are great listeners and seem to understand what each person needs to learn.  Kids are emotionally supported and accepted "right where they are" without judgement or preconceived ideas based on a diagnosis.  The combination of wonderful horses and staff that are highly trained and credentialed in behavior management and horse knowledge create a unique and highly effective therapeutic environment.  

    Horses help us identify long lost parts of ourselves that have been hidden underneath the masks we wear every day.

       Horses Healing Hearts

    Horses are sentient beings capable of reaching deep within our hearts to the core of our own being.

    a  heart-centered  journey  to  self

    through  equine-guided  psychotherapy